Friday, October 7, 2011

Weed Butter Brownies with sour cherries

This recipe is a "must do", especially because it is one of the most balanced weed recipes out there, combining 3 "cardinal points" from any weed connoisseur's window of lust: chocolate(sweet), cherries(sour) and weed(psychoactive)

* 125 g flour
* 350 g sugar
* 1 cup weed butter (cannabutter)
* 50 g cocoa
* 4 whole eggs
* 1 / 2 tsp baking powder
* 1 tsp vanilla sugar
* cinnamon
* 4-5 handfuls of pitted sour cherries (fresh or canned)
* Glaze: 1 tsp of Dr.Oetker cold glaze.

Bring the weed butter at room temperature and mix it with sugar, whole eggs and vanilla sugar.

Then add the cocoa, flour, baking powder.

Using a mixer or wooden spoon, mix all the ingredients until
(By taste, you can add raisins, sour cherries, dried fruit or other fruit, cinnamon or other flavors and essences.)

Preheat you oven to aprox. 380ºF (200ºC)and  bake for 20 minutes (max 30). Be careful not to overcook; it may become bitter on the edges !

Prepare the glaze according to directions on the envelope and apply over the cold cake.

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