Monday, March 28, 2011

Grinded Weed Brownie Recipe


-7 ounces (200g) of black chocolate

-5 ounces (125g) of fat butter (do not replace with margarine)
-7 ounces (200g) of powdered sugar
-two tablespoons of flour
-one tablespoon of granulated sugar
-7 ounces (200g) of  nuts
-four eggs
-flavorings (vanilla, lemon or orange peel)
5-10 grams of weed


-Put the butter and chocolate in a double layer steamer pan. Mix until homogeneous.  

-Put the pan aside and add the powdered sugar, flavorings, then one by one, add the eggs. Mix well using a whisk or an electric mixer at lowest speed.  
-Finally, add the flour, nuts (chopped into small pieces) and of course the fine grinded weed. Blend it all together.
-Pour the composition in a non stick pan.  
-Bake the cake at medium heat, for 20-25 minutes.
                                     This is how it should look like :)

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